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Vogue Japan October 2013

Just when I thought that fashion moved at a high speed pace, I noticed how wrong I was. It moves 10x faster! Why? Vogue Japan OCTOBER 2013 has been already published and available for international sale. Tao Okamoto is the selected girl for the cover, and the magazine, as always is a true work of art.



Conoce a Isabel Marant / Meet Isabel Marant


Diseña lo que quiere ponerse, y más del 90% de su closet son prendas originales creadas por ella misma. Tiene un cabello platinado con tonos dorados, y el estilo parisino lo conserva en cada detalle incluido en sus diseños. Se considera su propia musa, y el expresionismo es parte de la estética para sus nuevas colecciones. Las siluetas son femeninas con un toque de masculinidad, y el gusto por el rock n’ roll, le da un aire de street style a sus piezas más elegantes.

Entre diferentes colaboraciones, incluyendo su más reciente con la firma sueca H&M, Isabel Marant, tiene una preferencia por la belleza natural, y por un outfit único que la mujer trabajadora y amante de la moda usaría para sentirse cómoda y fashionista a la misma vez.

Sus diseños poco minimalistas y característicos de estar orientados hacia el realismo, son favoritos entre distintas celebridades como la modelo y editora Alexa Chung, y la diseñadora Victoria Beckham, entre otras. Marant NO es seguidora de las redes sociales y cada idea que no le funcionó en un pasado, la retoma para convertirla en un futuro éxito.

En sus prendas esenciales, para un día de trabajo o para el backstage durante una de sus presentaciones, la diseñadora francesa cuenta con un par de jeans ajustados, unos flats, un sweatshirt o una camiseta, y una buena chamarra o un abrigo completando un conjunto casual, con un aire de tomboy style.

Con su firma establecida desde 1994, Isabel Marant ha traído a las pasarelas un estilo boho chic y un aire francés, reflejando la delicadeza europea en cada fragmento de sus piezas originales.


She designs what she wants to wear and 90% of her wardrobe is completed by pieces of her own Brand. She has silver hair with a few Golden natural lights, plus a french style that is reflected on every single detail included on each and every single piece she has created until today. She considers herself her own muse, and the strong expressionism makes part of the aesthetic for her new collections. The silhouettes are femenine plus a touch of masculinity, and her love for rock n’ roll gives it a fresh air of street style to the most elegant pieces.

Between different collaborations, including her most recent, with the Swedish label, H&M, Isabel Marant has a strong preference for natural beauty, and for a unique outfit planned for the working woman who loves fashion and wants to feel comfortable and fashionista, both at the same time.

Her designs are not minimalistic and they are oriented to real life. You can see these pieces worn by different celebs such as the model and editor, Alexa Chung, and the fashion designer, Victoria Beckham. Marant is NOT a follower of the social media, and she takes old ideas that didn’t work out during the past, and turns into a present success.

On her ‘must’ daily outfit pieces, either for work or for a backstage occassion, the french designer counts with a pair of tight jeans, flat shoes, a sweatshirt or a t-shirt, and a coat or a jacket depending on the current weather. Her whole outfit is a combination between a complete casual look and an undeniable tomboy style.

With her current label, established in 1994, Isabel Marant has brought to the runways a very boho-chic style and a french air, reflecting the european touch on every fragment of her original designs.


Inside the ‘Shoe Factory’


Every now and then, during work hours I have a couple of minutes off, either to take a break or to do anything outside the office. This week, when all the September issues started coming in, I had the fortune to receive the latest edition from Vanity Fair (Princess Diana is on the cover). What I loved about this issue was the fact that most of the articles are emphasized on the fashion world, making a concentration on the industry side (it’s the ‘style issue’ of course!) . The most recognized fashion personalities such as André Leon Talley, Mario Testino, John Galliano, and Christian Lacroix are the ones featured on the main articles.

From the whole magazine, the article that I absolutely adored was the essay by Tim Sheaffer, featuring a ‘sort’ of interview with the genius and shoe designer, Manolo Blahnik. You’ve seen his stuff in almost every movie, but how can we forget about the royal blue wedding heels in the movie Sex and The City, worn by the iconic character, and true fashionista, Carrie Bradshaw, portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker.

What caught my eye about this article was the true authenticity about Blahnik. He doesn’t follow any trends, and he doesn’t have an obsession or an emphasis for skinny feet or skinny girls. The article is funny in its own way. Blahnik doesn’t like wine, and he has an original piece of almost every single shoe he has designed. The article is brief and easy to read. It made me laugh and appreciate a new side of the amazing designer.

Read it! I know you’ll love it! Click here for full article.



The September Issue

Good morning! We’re almost two weeks away from september and the fashion world is moving as quick as ever. September is not only the month for the special edition issues, but the beginning of the fashion year. The best photographers, creative directors, designers, editors and editorial assistants plus a whole staff come together for the most important, and probably thickest issue of the whole year.

As they say… “The early bird catches the worm“, and it totally applies when the first september issues are out. One of the first ones to come out? Japan of course, and my favorite cover until now. Cara Delevingne is the chosen one, and if you take a sneak peek into basically everything related to fashion, her picture is always there. The other main covers include Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue USA, Blake Lively for Lucky Magazine, Princess Di for Vanity Fair USA, Sarah Jessica Parker for Harpers Bazaar USA, Kate Upton for Elle USA, Jennifer Aniston for Glamour USA and Zooey Deschanel for Marie-Claire USA. I can’t wait to have all of these magazines in my hand!

Have a great day!!!























Designer of the day…. Daniela Villegas


Good morning! One of the many advantages of working at a fashion magazine is that you get to meet new, formal and current personalities… every single day. They are from all around the world and they are every type of artist inspiring the future and current ones. Today I want you to meet Daniela Villegas, a mexican jewelry designer, who was born and raised in Mexico City. Today Villegas has her main offices at L.A. and is very well known among U.S. celebrities. Visit her fb page and get a little charmed by her unique sparkle!

Buenos días! Una de las muchísimas ventajas de trabajar en una revista de modas es que todos los días llegas a conocer nuevas, formales y personalidades del momento. Ellos son de todas partes del mundo e inspiran a los nuevos y a los que ya son artistas. Hoy quiero presentarles a Daniela Villegas, una diseñadora de joyería mexicana. Villegas nació y creció en Ciudad de México y en este momento se encuentra en la ciudad de Los Ángeles, donde, por el momento, maneja su negocio. Visiten su página oficial de FB y den un vistazo al brillo único que tiene esta diseñadora.

Monday Treat

Good morning! A pair of shoes speaks every language around the world. The idea was born in Argentina and then developed by an American entrepreneur, Blake Mycoskie. The Toms shoes are currently manufactured in China, Argentina and Ethiopia. For every pair you buy you’re giving a pair of shoes to a child who lives in Argentina, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Rwanda, South Africa, and the United States. Let’s hear it for the “One for One” campaign!


Coach Inc., & the Miniature Outfit


The magic of fashion allows us to express our own selves through different trends and pieces including clothes, accessories and basically everything that connects with it. Fashion allows us to play dressing up since we’re kids and it is just a pleasure to do that either if the clothes are new or old, or either if you’re inside a beautiful store or not.

But, what’s the best part? Fashion allows somehow, to be kids again. And that is why the toy and manufacturing companies keep the fashion contacts as top priority. In this case I’m talking about the Mattel Company, pioneers and leaders in the doll market.

What Mattel does, since a couple of years ago is to collaborate with different fashion designers, in a way that they ask the brands or artists to create an special outfit for their iconic product, Barbie.

(Yes, deny it as much as you want but, almost all of us played with these dolls at least once. As much as they criticize the message that it translates, they are legendary and we still stop and stare when we see one.)

For the latest collaboration, Mattel chose the American company, Coach Inc. The new miniature outfit, designed for the ‘New Yorker’ Barbie, is an exclusive combination of the classic trench Tattersall coat, a suede pencil skirt, and a stripped jumper. As we all know, we can never leave the accessories behind. The new Barbie carries a pair of sunglasses, a peep-toe pair of heels and the brand’s iconic duffle bag (in red of course… if you don’t know what I’m talking about start watching the Carrie’ Diaries at CWTV. The fashion references are accurate and easy to remember).

This new Barbie is not only a simple toy, but also a collection piece, and it is now available in all Coach and Mattel stores, in almost every country around the world. This is a message telling you that it is not wrong to grow up!