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Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2015


Hello! We’re insanely close to New Year’s Eve and I’m blogging once again. This time is about one of my favorite subjects in the world… Dolce & Gabbana. I absolutely know this sounds incredibly cliché of me, but it is unavoidable to ignore this if you love, breath and live for fashion.

This time, it is about the Spring 2015 campaign. What is it different from all the others? How can we say that it is ‘wow’ if it is (maybe) one more ad that will appear on different magazines around the world? Well, this time, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce played it incredibly smart and chose more than one incredibly and iconic character. The main role here is taken by laughter and the value of life.

Take a look and see how age, color, nationality and style blend all together in one piece or composition. By just watching it, you’ll identify that is D&G, but once again it is an image that makes you smile. The Spanish folclor is all taken, keeping up with the Sicilian details all over the place. The Byzantine gold details come up as well, showing us or even screaming at us like ‘Hey! Remember we’re Dolce & Gabbana (and we’re here TO STAY)!’

I absolutely love it. I think their legacy is so original, so pure and so characteristic. That’s what inspires people. To take all those elements and create a masterpiece. Of course some might disagree because that’s how planet Earth is driven nowadays, but this time, I honestly don’t care. I think they’ve achieved a wonderful project and let’s hope they keep it up (no matter what).



Interview with Angelo D’Agostino… Creative Director at C&A


A couple of weeks ago, I’ve got to meet Angelo D’Agostino, current creative director at the international brand, C&A. He’s one of the most charming and welcoming people I’ve ever met. Since I was invited to the official launching of his latest collection, I had the opportunity to interview him and asking him about his new life, about Mexico, and how everything has been developing since the moment he decided to be a designer and innovative entrepreneur.

Modalogy: Who is Angelo D’Agostino?

Angelo D’Agostino: “I am a creative director by trade, marketing professional from New York City and now in Mexico for five months, working for C&A, in head of brand marketing. Outside of the industry, I’m an artist. I do all kinds of things, that some of them relate to fashion, some of them don’t. I’ve been involved in music for a long time, in fine arts as well. I’m a big traveler. I love my family and now I’m uncle. I’m really enjoying this big step forward, not only in my personal life, but also in my career. Experiencing a lot of new things here in Mexico, but also kind of in my personal life. For example, my sister just got engaged and my brother and his wife just had a new son. So there are a lot of things happening.”

M: Where are you from?

AD: “I’m originally from San Diego, California. I grew up on the beach. I moved around quite a bit, actually. Lived in Europe for a while. Went to university in France, and then came back to the US, moved back to San Diego, and moved to L.A., and then found myself in New York. I’ve been in New York City for the past six and a half or maybe seven years now, and now Mexico.

“I majored in Fine Arts. I really thought that I was going to get focused on art as a medium (painting, drawing, illustration, theater). I was very involved in all of those things.”

M: What brought you all the way here?

AD: “I was first approached by C&A, almost a year ago. And at the time, living in New York City, I had not ever really considered Mexico. It wasn’t something that I had thought about. When I came down to Mexico, and I was interviewed with C&A, I thought there were really amazing things happening. The new design team, the commercial director, the CEO, there was so much going on. When they asked me to if I would consider coming down here, it was an opportunity I couldn’t hop off.”

M: Your ultimate goal as a designer…

AD: “I think my goal is really to make fashion fun again. I think that sometimes in this business, people take themselves and the idea of fashion really seriously. In fashion, I think that just like art, is a form of self-expression. People should feel really comfortable, happy and confident in what they wear and how they dress. To me is about making it fun, and acceptable. Everyone can have those really honest moments, and I want to show that to people again. You should have fun with fashion, because it is the ultimate self-expression. What you wear everyday, it can change your mood, it can change how you speak and interact with people. It is a really powerful medium.”

M: Your greatest challenge until today…

AD: “I had my own business for a while, where I was working with different brands, and sometimes you have these amazing ideas, and you want to try to embrace change within a company or organization, but sometimes people are really scared of change. So, my biggest challenge is to present it to themselves, and where I have been able to see creatively a vision for a company or business that I didn’t get to execute or I didn’t get to do, for whatever reason. But, I’ve been pretty lucky and I’ve had some really amazing mentors throughout my career that had taught me a lot, not only about this business, but how to get your ideas out there and wait to see people for them to really understand.”

M: How would you describe the profile of the customer wearing C&A?

AD: “I think C&A is about approachable fashion. I think is about being comfortable, and confidant, also having the spirit of youth as well of opportunity. I see our customer every day. I see them walking on the streets, I see them in the stores, and talk to them when I can (in my “Spanglish”). What I love about our C&A customer is the fact that there’s a real or sort of a need for good quality merchandise. Good quality clothes that are fashionable. I don’t think our customer is a fashion victim, but a fashionable person. Those two profiles are very different. And there’s a need for it, specially now with the team that we have placed. Among designers, directors and others, we’re starting to see that change.

“That’s why this project (the new campaign) is a big thing, I recognized it. That’s why I wanted everyone to come and experiencing it. Because I feel like sometimes, people get to see advertising and say, “ok, something’s happening.” But they don’t get to see it.”

M: Why Mexico and not other place?

AD: “I was very comfortable in New York City, but I came here because I saw a huge opportunity and I also saw a brand that is a really good brand (international brand) that has so much, even ethically. This company believes in sustainability. There are big components of fair work trade, ethical sourcing, and garments and textiles. That means a lot to me as a professional, but it also means a lot to the customer. For example, all of the children’s clothing is made out of organic cotton.

” You think that a lot of companies don’t do this, but C&A does. I think that to be a part of that story and be a part 173 years of tradition is really cool. C&A was the first retailer ever to offer ready-to-wear. It’s a long history. But again, this could be, or what I love about Mexico right now, and I’ve said this before, is that I feel that the world is coming to Mexico. I feel things are really happening, not only in the sense of the economy, but also the market place is opened up. And it’s different that it used to be, even from five years ago.”

M: What’s your favorite thing about Mexico?

AD: “I know it sounds funny, but I think that the best part about Mexico is the people. Growing up in San Diego, very close to Mexico, I was pretty lucky to learn a lot about the culture when I was a kid. But to be here as an adult, and to live here, is definitely, part of an amazing experience. I love that people is so warm, I love that you get such a mix of geography. You can go to the beach in one hour, you can go to the dessert, I mean, everything is here. Also, I love the history. I’m really big on this, wherever I’m around. Right now, I’m living in Guadalajara, and it’s really interesting to walk through the old part of the city and imagine what it looked like 200 years ago. I really love the fact that I’m in a country that really has (that is also so close to the US), such an older, richly and colorful culture.

M: Anything else…

AD: “Some of the complications I have about the customers, is about really being able to take a couple of risks in a fashion sense. What I love about the Mexican people is about how they dress, and the glamour I see everyday is elevated. Is much different than anywhere else I’ve ever lived. I challenge the people to take a couple of risks, because they already have the other part down. Also, saying that fashion is fun, and that it is meant to be enjoyed. It is sort of those easy ways to change your attitude and your mood just by putting different shoes or a hat.

“I grew up in a very strong Italian emigrant family, and I remember that my grandmother used to say something really special. You know how during these special days, or holidays how your parents say to you that the nice clothes are only meant to be worn during these special occasions? My grandmother used to say that you’d never know what could happen, anytime, so enjoy and wear it. Sometimes, for example, I buy a little thing for myself. I remember that. I remember my grandmother saying “you know what? Wear it and wear it well, be happy and enjoy it!” So, fashion being a form of self-expression, I think people can take risks, and they can also feel good about it.

“Somebody like C&A, when they shop in the store, you can feel good about the fact that it is a good-quality product that comes in good places. We’re not a thrift store, and if we were we do our best to try to find those things out and get rid of them. It is a company that really believes in its customer and gives a lot to the community.”

13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Salvatore Ferragamo

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Today we remember the official birthday of a master who not only built an empire, but kept a legendary tradition. We say happy birthday to Salvatore Ferragamo by listing the fun facts about his life.

1. Ferragamo was born in Bonito, Italy in 1898.

2. Ferragamo was the eleventh child of fourteen siblings.

3. Ferragamo created his first pair of shoes at age 9, as a gift for one of his sisters.

4. His first shop was established inside his parents’ house, before they moved to America.

5. He studied shoemaking in Naples, Italy.

6. Ferragamo and his family moved to Boston, then to Santa Barbara and then to Hollywood.

7. In Hollywood was where Ferragamo found success by initially, opening a shop for repair and made-to-measure shoes. This shop will later become a huge attraction to celebrities of the moment. This achievement meant designing shoes for cinema.

8. Ferragamo was called the “Shoemaker of the Stars“.

9. Because he didn’t understand the pain that some shoes produced in the human’s feet, he went after a major in Anatomy at the University of Southern California.

10. After going back to Italy and establishing down his new life, Ferragamo was known because of creating exclusive pieces for celebs such as Marilyn Monroe and Eva Perón.

11. The big business expansion (after a period declared as bankruptcy) involved the fact that Ferragamo managed a workforce of 700 expert artisans, where 350 pairs of shoes were produced every single day.

12. He left his legacy to his wife Wanda, and his six kids.

13. If you love museums there’s a place dedicated to his work at Palazzo Spini Feroni.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christian Lacroix


In honor of the international fashion designer and amazing artist’s birthday (May 16th), we’re listing the fun facts about Christian Lacroix. Here we go:

1. His full name is Christian Marie Marc Lacroix.

2. Lacroix is an Art History major.

3. After graduation Lacroix thought he was going to pursue a career in museums and curators.

4. He’s married to Françoise Rosenthiel since 1974.

5. Lacroix opened his first couture house in 1987, adding a ready-to-wear line, all over Europe.

6. At first, critics didn’t believe in his vision, because of his broad cultural inspiration.

7. He was Emilio Pucci‘s creative director from 2002 until 2005.

8. Lacroix’s last Haute Couture collection was presented in 2009, after financial trouble.

9. Since 2011, Lacroix has been collaborating in the European fashion brand Desigual.

10. Applying his ultimate love for art history and costume design, Lacroix has been involved in several interior design projects, such as hotel decorations and others. Among them, the Hotel Le Petit Moulin and the Hotel Bellechasse in Paris.


Valentino, Pumps and Studs


I rarely write about street style. I really do. It’s such a cliché subject, but lately (and I don’t know if it is because of the fact that I’m attending different events) I’ve been paying much more attention to what people wears.

Among prints, accessories, and others, I’ve fallen in love with a specific style of medium-high heels designed by the fashion house Valentino, and I know that ‘everyone’ has them, but I can’t help but melt a little bit inside every time I see them. These are the ‘Rockstud leather pumps‘, now available in different colors, prints, and textures. They match almost any outfit you can imagine, and when you wear them, they shine beautifully (without being too much), all by themselves.

They’re now available for every fashion/accessory lover and shopaholic in and They’re the same price as they were before, but hopefully, someday, I’ll get to wear them and actually own them in every color and style they create.

Transformar: CoolHunterMX and Noveno Efe

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 1.14.58 PM

So, it’s been a while since the last time I wrote something in here, and definitely is time for something fun and new, isn’t it?

Turns out that the social media is more useful than I thought it was. The other day I was ‘wasting time’ on Facebook and because active users follow or ‘like‘ popular pages, which today I count as one, I discovered an event that opened the doors to a whole new type of networking. One of the big companies that I follow? Société Perrier MX. What they do is that they publish through the social media the main events that about to happen in Mexico. They supply the main information and basically a little synopsis about the event.

The moment when I saw the new picture uploaded by them, it was an image of an event by CoolHuntingMX, a sort of new project/company focused on innovation and people willing to learn about entrepreneurship, and everything related to it. They present two or three seminars per year where they invite leaders and several personalities directly involved with the media or field selected. This semester the selection was about social media and hotspots around Mexico City. How fun does that sound right?

As soon as I knew, I contacted the person in charge or in this case… Sent an email to the address published on Facebook. This is where all the process began. You have to pay a fee to attend to the event, and after that they’ll tell you what’s next. What you receive is a simple package with the information about the event, presented during a Saturday. Because you officially suscribed and payed the fee, they invite you to a courtesy ‘Trend Tour’ where you get to visit five different hotspots around the city.

The Trend Tour, which just happened, was so well organized that the networking began almost instantly after we said hello to each other. We get to meet the owners and creators of this amazing places, ask them about their projects, and basically expand our contacts to a whole new level.

The first stop was in a street style restaurant or so-called ‘food truck‘ called ‘Le Camion’. The owner is a french guy (Djeko Arqueros) and the food is very basic, affordable but absolutely delicious. I ordered an italian panini. I strongly suggest that if you don’t have a very big appetite or eat in standard sizes, share your meal with somebody else. It was a really fun experience, and if I may say, the boys attending the business where absolutely gorgeous.

The second stop was in a contemporary bookstore/gallery/boutique, where the enchantment is almost instant. The place is called Casa Bosques (Córdoba 25). You feel at home as soon as you step in. The books, the magazines, and almost everything around it create an immediate wow, and the layout of the store is clean, minimalist and cozy on its very own way. Keep walking towards inside the store and you’ll ran into Galería Machete. A very simple gallery dedicated to one exhibition. Somehow the place is small and the art pieces are very few, but is just right. After keeping an eye at the gallery you move forward and you’ll ran into a small perfumerie. C’est tres belle, c’est parfait! The smells, the art and the place all by itself, suggest that the magic corners around the city, still exist.

The third stop was in a very special coffee house. It sounds boring when you put it that way, but truth is that the place carries its enchantment on every single detail and brick building the walls of it. It is called ‘El Tercer Lugar’, which means ‘The Third Place’ in English. Located at one of the most popular colonies of Mexico City, the recipes and smells attract you directly to the register and make you order the specialty of the house, the coffee served with Rwanda beans. The taste, the smell and the texture is just perfect. The desserts are beautifully done and every zip is absolutely enjoyable. As a Colombian who absolutely loves coffee, I strongly recommend it.

The fourth stop was at an interior design’s studio. The first impression is not the best one I might say, but once you get in, the wonder is just right there. The whole idea of this place is surrounded and built by an amazing team of architects, industrial designers and artists who make part of what today is called ‘La Metropolitana’. Every chair, every detail and every texture has been thought to transform itself into a beautiful and gorgeous piece. Every piece has been done with wood and a special selection of bright colors. I truly want every single piece for my future house. The funny thing about this stop is that I already knew them because of the Mexican annual event ‘Zona Maco’. Once you stepped into the event, they were one of the first stands. The colors and the design drew it straight to it. The attraction was just instant. As a plus, they’re working on a special project called ‘Lagos del Mundo’, where the main inspiration relies on creating home items, such as cooking tools, with organic and natural materials. They’re really gorgeous. One more thing about them: when you walk into the studio they have a little table with all the business cards and press releases, available for those who visit the place. That’s really useful and exemplar when you invite people who writes, blogs and dedicate themselves to editorial. Well done you guys.

The fifth stop and probably one of my new favorite places in the world was at ‘Tomás Casa Editora’ located at La Condesa. The whole concept of the place is inspired on offering an entire selection of different teas. All of them, from green to red tea, are ready to mix and try with almost anything you can think possible. As a plus, the layout of the store/café is divine. The teas are placed on silver jars, and numbered according to their type. If you love the whole kit and mix of the tea culture here’s the place to come. The desserts are also divine. Green tea cake, blackberry pies and an option where you just can’t avoid a ‘yum’.

Two days after the Trend Tour concluded the big event was up. The meeting spot was in a place called BeeOpenSpace located at one of the main avenues in Mexico City called Avenida Chapultepec. Honestly it was so hard to find. But at the end it’s all about following the right directions. (I’m so bad at locating myself or any address in general).

Once you get in, you see this design and special place where colors and design books dominate the place. It is truly gorgeous. The hosts were there waiting for us and as always so nice and so sweet to make us feel like home. The person in charge of presenting the seminar was there as well, preparing the presentation and a friendly environment  for the new audience. The seminar took place in a small classroom with really comfortable chairs and what was more surprising of this whole presentation, and that I’ll get into details in a further paragraph,was that the attention was kept and constant during 99% of the time.

Juan Martín Salazar, the Colombian mentor who presented the new seminar titled ‘Transformar‘ was funny, entertaining and so updated with the latest gigs in trendy stuff. From fashion to simple packaging, the business cases selected where crazy interesting. I’m not a person who usually takes notes, but this time I wrote as much as I could. Salazar talked about non-profit cases such as Project Daniel (idea that I truly recommend researching) and Veuvet Clicquot. Also about Porter (net-a-porter’s printed magazine and actual huge success at the editorial world) and certain airlines giving people miles for every step you take (for a better health and points reward of course).

For us to be active and entertained the whole time, we were allowed to be reporting the seminar through the social media, utilizing the official hashtags and accounts, obviously (this strategy generates greater traffic and online presence). Also, we were welcomed with a gorgeous breakfast at the terrace of the building (and if I may say, one of the most magical and hidden corners of the capital), and then free to go to lunch wherever we wanted. After that, a brief coffee break at the same terrace. And as a conclusion, a little group project.

As a perfect ending, CoolHunterMX and Noveno Efe gave us a goody bag as a special gift for attending the seminar. It had a great kit for every person who loves trends, design and fashion. One of the special items? Two editions of the Hoja Santa magazine. It is true piece of art based on culinary arts and fun facts about food. Take a look online. You’ll be more than delighted. And as a plus, the networking in these type of events is crazy good. You end up with a huge list of new and professional contacts, whom might work with you in a further future (plus friends of course).

I loved every single minute of this event. It was really well planned and the people in charge are true sweethearts (special thanks to Ceci and Ebbani for such a great experience). I look forward to the next seminar and to working with these amazing people. Inspiration is now not only a simple element but a daily piece of personal innovation.

Keep moving, keep transforming. For more images, check my official instagram page (

À la Fast Fashion: Moschino desafía la tradición con una nueva propuesta para las pasarelas de Milán.


Llevar un ícono clásico hacia un nuevo nivel, es un reto que no muchos desafían. Especialmente, cuando el resultado de esta nueva visión será presentado durante el evento de la moda más importante del año. Es aquí donde las capitales del diseño y de la moda se preparan para ser las anfitrionas oficiales de los actuales y futuros talentos y esperan el ansiado momento donde el impacto y la sorpresa de la audiencia, perdure en la memoria de las reconocidas fashion weeks.

En esta nueva edición, el turno fue para la firma Moschino, ahora liderada por el diseñador americano Jeremy Scott. La nueva colección otoño-invierno 2014, presentada durante la semana de la moda en Milán e inspirada por los íconos comerciales, lleva el diseño hacia una nueva perspectiva y así mismo, cargada de desafíos. Cada look es dominado por la critica y la controversia mundial, además de redefinir en un nuevo ángulo, el statement original planteado por su director creativo, Fast Fashion – Next Day After the Runway.’

Entre las piezas que más resaltan, se refleja de forma abstracta el nombre de las firmas como McDonald’s, Hershey’s, Cheetos, Froot Loops y el icónico color amarillo de SpongeBob SquarePants. Cada diseño inspira de manera única el concepto auténtico de la comida rápida y el contraste inconfundible de las marcas comerciales más reconocidas a nivel internacional.

Desde un vestido de novia, creado con un textil auténtico y estampado con los inconfundibles nutrition facts, hasta un bolso de tonos rojos y amarillos, inspirado en la Happy Meal de la cadena de comidas americana, Moschino fusiona las tendencias FW14 con el clásico estilo fashionista, ícono de la originalidad y la libertad absoluta de la libre expresión.