We’re NOT a Fashion Sketch!

Remember the pictures that you once saw of the first supermodels and the pictures of women who were considered beautiful without being skinny or in the worst of cases, a suggestion of anorexia profiles? Cindy Crawford and Marilyn Monroe were some of the few names and faces that were converted into fame after being photographed and featured on several recognized magazines and ads published through all around the world. The idea of skinny wasn’t as supported as it is today, until Twiggy came in featuring a skinny, sweet and European profile into the fashion world. The fact that the skinny type of human became a stereotype to follow created some controversy and problems through all around the world. It caused trouble yes, but it didn’t stop and it even grew stronger.

Thankfully, today, in 2013, there was finally a model agency, Star Models from Brazil that spoke out about this issue, creating an ad campaign called “You Are NOT a Sketch!” Only the image speaks by itself and the newest and current generations with access to the Internet medias will be able to see how the fashion sketches are NOT an example to follow as a role model. Until now the impact has been reflected and discussed all over the Social Media Portals (SMP), and this is why I found about the ad. But, from my point of view, I don’t think and I don’t know if this is related directly to the ad, but the latest cover of Vogue Magazine US features one of the latest supermodels in the industry, Kate Upton, suggesting a healthy model based on natural curves and an incredible look-a-like appearance to Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly. The June Issue comes out May 21st. Hopefully the main article featured on the magazine mentions a change on the model body’s perspective.




2 pensamientos en “We’re NOT a Fashion Sketch!

    1. cromer2242 Autor de la entrada

      Hello! Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve posting weekly and I’m now an intern for college fashionista so I’ll be very active through this blog and through the College Fashionista website. If you have any more feedback about the other posts don’t hesitate in telling me. Also, any suggestions for future subjects will be great as well!



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