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Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2015


Hello! We’re insanely close to New Year’s Eve and I’m blogging once again. This time is about one of my favorite subjects in the world… Dolce & Gabbana. I absolutely know this sounds incredibly cliché of me, but it is unavoidable to ignore this if you love, breath and live for fashion.

This time, it is about the Spring 2015 campaign. What is it different from all the others? How can we say that it is ‘wow’ if it is (maybe) one more ad that will appear on different magazines around the world? Well, this time, Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce played it incredibly smart and chose more than one incredibly and iconic character. The main role here is taken by laughter and the value of life.

Take a look and see how age, color, nationality and style blend all together in one piece or composition. By just watching it, you’ll identify that is D&G, but once again it is an image that makes you smile. The Spanish folclor is all taken, keeping up with the Sicilian details all over the place. The Byzantine gold details come up as well, showing us or even screaming at us like ‘Hey! Remember we’re Dolce & Gabbana (and we’re here TO STAY)!’

I absolutely love it. I think their legacy is so original, so pure and so characteristic. That’s what inspires people. To take all those elements and create a masterpiece. Of course some might disagree because that’s how planet Earth is driven nowadays, but this time, I honestly don’t care. I think they’ve achieved a wonderful project and let’s hope they keep it up (no matter what).