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India is my next stop


Right now I’m doing the internship that might turn into a sentence you’ve heard as: ‘a million girls would kill for that job’. Yes. It’s true. It’s at one of the Vogue centrals, but this has been on for 15 weeks now and I’ve never learned so much in my entire life. The lessons are countless and I’ve probably met some of the best mentors in the entire world.

The team that took me in has allowed me to write, to research, and to give my opinion every once in a while. They’ve been insanely patient, and they’ve taught me how to use cultural references in future occasions. One of my favorites? I love reading. I read fast and enjoy it so much. I’ve read about a lot of different countries, languages, histories and cultures around the world. One of them that caught my special interest and attention were the words around India.

I started with Pasión India by Javier Moro, and some time after I finished it, I started with El Sari Rojo, written by the same Spanish author. He gets you into such a magical world, only by telling you the real stories about the many cinderellas that have been married into the Indian royal families. Moro writes about architectural and historic references that make you wonder what’s beneath everything else. It makes you even want to go right now to see the colorful markets and even the Taj Majal, to feel that energy and vibe involving those stories.

If you haven’t read these books you simply have to. I know about people who don’t read much, and they started these stories and couldn’t get off until the very last page. The narrative is impeccable and the details are so unique that they make you fall in love with a place that you don’t even know. It’s pure magic. And even so, that it might make you believe in love again, in history and in unexpected situations that might turn into amazing experiences.

I want to go, and leave everything. I’m somehow starving to see the world. I haven’t started because I’m waiting for me to earn enough money for me to pay for those trips that I know will change my life completely. My life has turned upside down with this fashion experience. But just as a thought, I’d like to run away from it someday and go and visit the world. To see what’s waiting for me, and when the time comes I’d definitely let you know.


Bienvenido Octubre!

Septiembre se despide con algunos de los mayores eventos en el mundo de la moda como el VFNO y las inconfundibles Fashion Weeks. Ahora Octubre nos saluda con una dosis de elegancia, realeza y un toque de belleza listo para dar la bienvenida a la nueva temporada otoñal.


The Black and White Noise

This is not a post about fashion, or designers or trends. This is about something that interests me a lot, and probably has a little more meaning in the daily life of the human kind. This is about the story behind people who has and will change the world. This is about the ones who make the planet progress and advance in the greatest fields ever created, and you can’t even imagine how this subject landed in my blog. Take a look and you’ll see how this is related to you and to everyone you know, no matter the year or the day that you were born. Here we go.

Usually, I’m not a big follower of entertainment or awards shows. But, this year the Emmy Awards definitely had something that the past ones didn’t. They had a lot of unexpected results, memorials of people who did great things for the film and TV industry, and surprisingly, a little bit about the history that took us all the way to where we are now.

One of the segments presented about this subject, history, was a speech done by the actor Don Cheadle, about the years that the whole world connected throughout a simple screen. It was the black and white TV, showing the global audience some of the biggest happenings in the world.

The events listed during the segment at the Emmys, had something in common, and it was the fact that they all happened during the same year, 1963. They connected families, friends, and viewers from all around the world through a basic technology, but through a sound that everyone at the moment was going to remember forever more. Those happenings were so shocking and so life-changing, that the first step to the TV revolution was about to begin.

It was the time when Martin Luther King presented the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, releasing a political speech about ending the racism in the United States, “I Have a Dream” (August 28th, 1963). It was the minute that the formal president John F. Kennedy was shot (November 22nd, 1963). And it was the day that The Beatles‘ first live concert debuted on a TV show (December 7th, 1963).

Besides happening during the same year, the next thing in common between these three events was the fact that there were more than 73 million people watching the entire live broadcast. 

In a poetic way, it wasn’t about money. It was about uniting the world through a device that was going to inspire the coming generations and productions from all around the world. It was about the black and white screen that was going to document the greatness of the future change and revolution of the human kind.

Beatles Live!



David Downton and the Fashion Silhouette


The good thing about blogging is that you can talk about almost anything that crosses your mind. You can complain, inform, or just post an image that you love. The goal for some bloggers is to get discovered and become an online sensation. For me? It’s just about informing the latest stuff around the fashion world, and the news that I truly admire and want to consult on a later future. (And talk about my current life and achievements in its own way).

Keeping it real, clear, and straight, I love Vogue Magazine. I really do, but I love other magazines as well. (Those have amazing work and really need to be shown to the entire world). There’s one thing that has been going on around the journalism world and specially around the Condé Nast International family, and it is the fact that fashion magazines, do not talk about fashion on every page of the issue anymore. They’re adding politics, news, economy, and basically stuff that move people and motivate you to start a better tomorrow.

One of the magazines that do this constantly and that is NOT focused on fashion and style is Vanity Fair. They have amazing essays, and the information is really accurate. Because of them, I’ve known so many new characters among the news and journalism world. One of them, who does a simple job and was introduced on a previous issue, is David Downton. You’ll know who he is in just a few seconds. Keep reading.

He is an artist that sketches celebrities and publishes his work on famous magazines and websites. He has portrayed people like Cate Blanchett, Michelle Dockery and Karlie Kloss. He uses watercolors and does it in a range of time that he pictures them in the best moments or at least in a time that they look stunning. He does the work before presentations, shows, or just before a photoshoot that soon will be published in a famous magazine.

Downton applies simple and minimalistic silhouettes and what’s the best of it? His work is memorable. He takes the beauty and transforms it through an artistic perspective of reality. He emphasizes not only the form of the body, but the piece that they’re wearing, either if it is jewelry or a collection dress. I’ve seen from Oscar de la Renta dresses to Jason Wu authentic pieces. Check his work out. His work is for the drawing, fashion, and art lovers.



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Meet Angela Ahrendts, the mastermind behind Burberry / Cónoce a Angela Ahrendts, la mente brillante detrás de Burberry


Good morning and #TGIF ! Last night was a big night for Mexico City because of the #FNOMexico ! It was a great success, and lots participated, including some of the most recognized brands and labels among the fashion world. Burberry was one of them, and as always they brought the best of the best for the big event.

For creating such an amazing customer experience, you need a mastermind behind the management, the design, the marketing strategies and basically everything involving business and customer satisfaction. For Burberry, there are two main players, but one is focused on the technical and strategic development of the brand. Her name is Angela Ahrendts. She is the CEO, a mother, an entrepreneur and the fresh air that Burberry needed for keeping up with the millennial generations. Meet her on a brief interview, made by my favorite fashion blog, The Business of Fashion


Buenos días! Que alegría que ya es viernes! Anoche fue una noche muy importante para la Ciudad de México por el evento del Fashion’s Night Out. Fue un éxito y muchísimos participaron. Entre ellos, algunas de las más reconocidas marcas en el mundo de la moda. Burberry fue una de ellas y como siempre, trajeron lo mejor de lo mejor para el gran evento.

Para crear una experiencia única para el cliente, todo lo que envuelve el diseño, las estrategias de mercadeo, y básicamente todo lo que incluye hacer feliz al comprador, tiene que ser impecable. Para Burberry, en este caso, existen dos jugadores principales y uno de ellos es el que se enfoca en el desarrollo técnico y estratégico de la marca. Su nombre es Angela Ahrendts. Ella es la directora ejecutiva de la marca, es mamá y esposa, y es una mujer de negocios que se convirtió en el aire fresco que Burberry necesitaba para estar a la par con las nuevas generaciones. Conócela en una breve entrevista realizada por mi blog favorito de fashion, The Business of Fashion.

Kate Bosworth and Tabitha Simmons for The Edit

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Good morning and happy Sunday!

The new issue of The Edit (net-a-porter’s digital magazine) is already available and ready to read! For the new release, you’ll find the cover story featuring an intimate interview with the actress Kate Bosworth, and an incredible Q&A with the shoe designer and former model, Tabitha Simmons. Click here to access the magazine! Remember… No username, password, or fee necessary!