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SCAD welcomes Gina Sanders at SCAD Style Week 2013

Gina Sanders Color

Gina Sanders, president and CEO, Fairchild Fashion Media

“The Power of ‘And’”

SCAD Student Center

April 19, 3 p.m.


Every single day that passes by, I understand the better meaning of why CEOs are so inspirational and so great to follow. After watching the lecture given by Gina Sanders, president and CEO of Fairchild Fashion Media, the amount of positive words that can be said are almost infinite. As a start, the profile that Sanders shows to the audience is amazing. Sanders’ body language is so friendly and open to the audience. Her youth and enthusiasm is just astonishing based on the fact that she works for one of the most successful divisions of the fashion industry. Compared to other titans of this same industry I can finally see myself reflected on her. The fun and joy factor are not what defines her, but maybe what makes part of who she is today.

The amount of lessons taught by Sanders today, is so long that if listed I might write at least twenty pages of how these lessons apply either for the professional or for the personal daily life. Sanders made her presentation memorable by speaking on a professional and business language, without making it complex or misunderstood.

Sanders mentioned some key terms and factors that are the basis for the business and in this case the fashion world, such as tracking speed, brand building, global market, and target customers. Sanders emphasized especially on the area of the incredible speed that the fashion world handles by the minute and how the management of ideas and teamwork lead to success. Sanders made a couple of comments on the importance of targeting Asia, which I think it is most certainly and convenient for the year that we’re on right now and how the different use of media affects the global market that is making its latest emphasis on this continent.

Also, Sanders mentioned a couple of facts that people discuss daily, and which I’ve been a witness to, and it is how the increase of the retail WWD’s magazine price is constantly increasing. But now I understand why. Her team, and all the crew involved on the production of this daily piece made it so successful that now the customer has it as an essential item for its daily life. No matter how much you charge for it, the customer is coming to you, and is almost depending on that piece for completing the daily routine. The magazine is evoking a new passion, a new sense of living based on the love for fashion and the industry around this field. For the new apprentices and new professionals heading to this industry, we might say that a lot of things make sense now, and make sense because there’s a valid reason behind it.

Last, but not least, Sanders gave indirect advice, which I think it’s amazing because usually that’s what the audience asks at the end of the conference, and somehow her advice was clear all along. Sanders’ advice is based on being kind, being realistic and being memorable without loosing an eye on the daily movement of the fashion industry. Sanders literally stand out of the fashion world cliché. I really wish we could see more news and updates about her career and professional life. She is a truly inspirational leader and example to follow.