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Be & Understand the Customer

We’re the shittiest customers of all time. Yes. You, me and everyone else around you. Why? Well, just think about how you and everyone else has been treating all the sales associates, assistants, bosses and others. We’re just a huge mess. But, that’s the interesting part. It is very rare, that if you didn’t start from the very bottom, that you will understand what it is like to make a customer happy. Some people say that being your own boss might make things easier, but that’s pure bull shit. If you’re your own boss, it’s true that you won’t have to be reporting to someone on top of you, but then your business will have to relay on those who want what you do.

If you’re the boss, there’s not a reason why you should be treating your assistants, collaborators or others as your inferior. We forget we’re human beings. That’s where the problem begins. We live in this mental pyramid were the name and the title is much heavier compared to the pure essence. How shitty is that? And actually, what matters is what you’re good at. Unfortunately, there are many and thousands of countries, that prefer good families than good talents. You have to basically work your ass off and stand off the page if you want to become a true success one day. Do it for you. Don’t do it because you want to compete, don’t do it because you have to be the next success after your parents or even to prove that you’re worth something else. Do it because that’s the ladder that you want to climb and that’s the dream that you’re chasing. It sounds cliché, easy-to-say, and even boring, but hey! it’s true. Stop complaining.

You’re there for one reason. Nobody is tying your hands or your ass to that chair. If you want to quit, do it. But, then don’t come and say that they were a bunch of morons. They took you in. And if you want to be like the rest of the human population, go out, create your business, make a lot of money, and call yourself a success. If you’re still sitting there, working from 9 to 6, and asking wth are you doing there, change your situation. Do something. If you’re planning in not doing anything, then be the best of your very own self.

Sometimes the results will be appreciated by the ones you never thought, or won’t be appreciated at all. That happens, because let’s face it: shit happens. Sometimes that success is going to be recognized like someone else did it, when you actually did it. But, as long as you’re ok with yourself, it will be like a brief sentence you read and then forget.

Be the best, so in a couple of years, months, or even weeks, you can go ahead and tell those stories that are worth knowing. Be inspired by those leaders who changed human history. Who were bored with their freaking lives and did something to become someone. As the very cliché sentence says it, go ahead and work your ass off so you won’t have to need an introduction when you come into a place. Make them all know who you are because of your insane success. Climb the freaking mountain and stop saying that you’re tired and not at the right place.

Things happen for a reason. They just do. There’s a whole life ahead and the biggest dreams very rarely have been achieved in weeks, one year or even hours. If you did, that’s amazing and completely surprising. But, if you don’t, just be aware that IT TAKES TIME. It takes work, effort, sacrifice, health, and many more things that today you will complain, but tomorrow you will be like wtf?! As simple as that.

Be the marketing case that everyone, someday (hopefully at the Ivy League schools and others) will study and will by. And if nobody writes it, go ahead and write it yourself. It’s so true when they’ve said that there’s no better way than when you do it yourself. If nobody else understands it, then understand it for yourself and show those freaking results that you’ve been waiting for.

In whatever industry, nobody is going to give a gold star at the end of the day. We are the new generations. We appreciate effort in a different way. We barely believe in longevity. Enjoy the moment. No better time than the present. Just know that the future is holding this amazing thing for you. But nothing comes wrapped or easy to achieve. Be the example, be that guy or girl that changed the route to whatever is that you’re going, Be motivated, and if not, find something that motivates you. Don’t be a quitter.

Some people might applaud your ‘bravery’ in quitting because of dignity or whatever. But, hey, you quit, you don’t have an alternative plan and then what? What’s next? Hang in there and believe me when I tell you that you’ll know when the cycle in that place has been completed. You’ll know. It’s all about clarity and knowing yourself. Not what other people say. Not what they told you about. It’s just being you with your own self.

One more thing. irony is going to be your eternal companion. People, bosses, and others are going to tell you that you’re not good for the part. That you’re not enough. Prove them wrong. For you. That’s a self reward. And then, eventually, that happiness and satisfaction will come along. I’m not saying that’s going to happen in that place. Maybe somewhere else. But, just be the success. Loose fear. Take risks. There are worse things happening around the world, while you sit there, stare at the computer and think how ‘unfortunate’ your life is right now. Look around and see what the real shit it. See the amount of people that we are now and how many are suffering because of what you have and exceed right now. Water, food, a place to live, friends, love, health.

Think about that.