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Café Society de CHANEL


Es la era de la “Belle Epoque” y los grandes del mundo artístico y literario se reúnen en ocasiones diferentes, en varios lugares de la capital parisina, para compartir diferentes conversaciones y amistades, que hoy se recuerdan como los grandes momentos que marcaron el comienzo de la historia del siglo XX.

Entre los usuales que se dedicaban a disfrutar de esas veladas memorables, se encontraban Salvador Dalí, Stravinsky, Picasso, Jean Cocteau y el ícono de la moda y el estilo auténtico, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

El ambiente de cada noche era transformado en un escenario sofisticado pero a la vez clásico, donde las luces de París inspiraban más que un poema y más que una creación original. Los adornos al estilo urbano y las piezas arquitectónicas que daban la bienvenida a estos personajes, han inspirado infinitas colecciones y obras artísticas. Y para éste nuevo siglo, es la nueva línea de Alta Joyería presentada por la maison Chanel.

Entre la nueva colección titulada “Café Society”, se encuentran diferentes líneas, cada una con un nombre propio, rindiendo homenaje a esos fragmentos de tiempo que marcaron la visión de la fundadora oficial y diseñadora original, Coco Chanel.

Charleston, Symphony, Broadway, Morning in Vendôme, Tuxedo, Midnight, Bubbles, Jazz, Sunset, Cruise, Muse, Sunrise, Café Society y Smoking, son las nuevas líneas dentro de la colección, cada una con un estilo y diseño original. Los cortes son clásicos, las piedras son preciosas y semi-preciosas y la gama de colores revive la historia que se encuentra detrás de cada pieza.

Realizada con la más alta calidad y minucioso detallismo, la nueva colección refleja la audacia y elegancia absoluta que Coco Chanel lucía en cada conjunto y en cada accesorio seleccionado para vivir una experiencia de moda y gran originalidad.


13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Salvatore Ferragamo

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Today we remember the official birthday of a master who not only built an empire, but kept a legendary tradition. We say happy birthday to Salvatore Ferragamo by listing the fun facts about his life.

1. Ferragamo was born in Bonito, Italy in 1898.

2. Ferragamo was the eleventh child of fourteen siblings.

3. Ferragamo created his first pair of shoes at age 9, as a gift for one of his sisters.

4. His first shop was established inside his parents’ house, before they moved to America.

5. He studied shoemaking in Naples, Italy.

6. Ferragamo and his family moved to Boston, then to Santa Barbara and then to Hollywood.

7. In Hollywood was where Ferragamo found success by initially, opening a shop for repair and made-to-measure shoes. This shop will later become a huge attraction to celebrities of the moment. This achievement meant designing shoes for cinema.

8. Ferragamo was called the “Shoemaker of the Stars“.

9. Because he didn’t understand the pain that some shoes produced in the human’s feet, he went after a major in Anatomy at the University of Southern California.

10. After going back to Italy and establishing down his new life, Ferragamo was known because of creating exclusive pieces for celebs such as Marilyn Monroe and Eva Perón.

11. The big business expansion (after a period declared as bankruptcy) involved the fact that Ferragamo managed a workforce of 700 expert artisans, where 350 pairs of shoes were produced every single day.

12. He left his legacy to his wife Wanda, and his six kids.

13. If you love museums there’s a place dedicated to his work at Palazzo Spini Feroni.

Valentino, Pumps and Studs


I rarely write about street style. I really do. It’s such a cliché subject, but lately (and I don’t know if it is because of the fact that I’m attending different events) I’ve been paying much more attention to what people wears.

Among prints, accessories, and others, I’ve fallen in love with a specific style of medium-high heels designed by the fashion house Valentino, and I know that ‘everyone’ has them, but I can’t help but melt a little bit inside every time I see them. These are the ‘Rockstud leather pumps‘, now available in different colors, prints, and textures. They match almost any outfit you can imagine, and when you wear them, they shine beautifully (without being too much), all by themselves.

They’re now available for every fashion/accessory lover and shopaholic in and They’re the same price as they were before, but hopefully, someday, I’ll get to wear them and actually own them in every color and style they create.

Coach Inc., & the Miniature Outfit


The magic of fashion allows us to express our own selves through different trends and pieces including clothes, accessories and basically everything that connects with it. Fashion allows us to play dressing up since we’re kids and it is just a pleasure to do that either if the clothes are new or old, or either if you’re inside a beautiful store or not.

But, what’s the best part? Fashion allows somehow, to be kids again. And that is why the toy and manufacturing companies keep the fashion contacts as top priority. In this case I’m talking about the Mattel Company, pioneers and leaders in the doll market.

What Mattel does, since a couple of years ago is to collaborate with different fashion designers, in a way that they ask the brands or artists to create an special outfit for their iconic product, Barbie.

(Yes, deny it as much as you want but, almost all of us played with these dolls at least once. As much as they criticize the message that it translates, they are legendary and we still stop and stare when we see one.)

For the latest collaboration, Mattel chose the American company, Coach Inc. The new miniature outfit, designed for the ‘New Yorker’ Barbie, is an exclusive combination of the classic trench Tattersall coat, a suede pencil skirt, and a stripped jumper. As we all know, we can never leave the accessories behind. The new Barbie carries a pair of sunglasses, a peep-toe pair of heels and the brand’s iconic duffle bag (in red of course… if you don’t know what I’m talking about start watching the Carrie’ Diaries at CWTV. The fashion references are accurate and easy to remember).

This new Barbie is not only a simple toy, but also a collection piece, and it is now available in all Coach and Mattel stores, in almost every country around the world. This is a message telling you that it is not wrong to grow up!