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The September Issue 2014

My favorite time of the year has come. It’s not even september and most of all the september issues are already out and available for sale. I can’t wait to be a millionaire and go out and buy ALL OF THEM -someday (one can dream you know?). So here’s the selection of what I’ve found until now. Let me know if you have any images available so we can add them to the list. Enjoy!


L’Officiel Singapur september 2014


GQ México september 2014


Vogue Italia september 2014


Vogue Brasil september 2014

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Harper’s Bazaar México september 2014


Vanity Fair France september 2014

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Harper’s BAZAAR México y Latinoamérica


Vogue España september 2014


Vogue Ukraine september 2014


Vogue USA september 2014


Allure september 2014


Tatler september 2014


Interview september 2014


Interview september 2014


Essential Homme September 2014


Zoe Mantzakanis for L’Officiel USA


Marie Claire USA september 2014


Vogue China september 2014


Marie Claire UK september 2014


Vogue Russia september 2014


W Magazine september 2014


Vogue Paris september 2014


Lucky magazine USA september 2014


Vogue Netherlands september 2014


Elle USA september 2014


Cosmo for Latinas september 2014


Good Housekeeping september 2014


Company september 2014


Glamour Paris


Red UK september 2014


Harper’s Bazaar UK September 2014


Vogue Australia september 2014


Cosmopolitan USA september 2014


Esquire USA september 2014


Vanity Fair september 2014


Glamour USA September 2014


Men’s Health September 2014


Esquire september 2014


Vogue Japan September 2014


WSJ September 2014


Elle UK September 2014


Seventeen USA September 2014


Flare USA September 2014


Vogue UK September 2014


InStyle USA September 2014


Harper’s Bazaar USA September 2014


Harper’s Bazaar USA September 2014


Harper’s Bazaar USA September 2014


Elle Canada September 2014


ASOS September 2014


TeenVogue September 2014


MET Gala 2014


Rindiendo tributo al diseñador británico Charles James, el Museo Metropolitano de Nueva York estrenó una vez más la noche dedicada a la moda, el glamour y la elegancia clásica. Entre los invitados top para el evento y los grandes momentos en la alfombra roja, el tema seleccionado para este año inspiró los espectaculares vestidos y elegantes conjuntos, aplicando el infaltable dresscode de la celebración, revelado semanas antes como el “White Tie and Decorations“.

Conocido como el ‘Primer Couturier de América’, el legado del modisto americano dio vida a una nueva edición, donde las celebs como Suki Waterhouse, Karlie Kloss, Arizona Muse, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marion Cotillard y Cara Delevingne portaron piezas únicas y de alta costura creadas por los diferentes diseñadores y marcas internacionales. Entre los mejores looks de la noche, recordamos a Blake Lively en un vestido color nude de la casa italiana Gucci, a Joan Smalls en un look clásico de Vera Wang, a Gisele Bündchen en un look sensual y atrevido de Balenciaga, a Karolina Kurkova en un look romántico e impresionista de Marchesa y a Beyoncé en un look imperial de Givenchy Haute Couture.

La velada transcurrió exitosamente a través de actos inaugurales y memorables instantes, donde las diferentes personalidades pudieron disfrutar de un buen momento a beneficio del Centro de Vestuario del MET Museum, ahora conocido como el Costume Institute Anna Wintour. Inaugurado oficialmente con su nuevo nombre durante las horas de la mañana de ese mismo día y en compañía de la Primera Dama de los Estados Unidos Michelle Obama, el corte del lazo dio inicio a un gran día de celebraciones, grandes momentos y mucho estilo.

El talento de James alguna vez fue descrito por Christian Dior como ‘el más grandioso talento de mi generación’. Más de medio siglo después la noche “Charles James: Beyond Fashion”, rinde homenaje a la historia de los grandes creativos y las mentes brillantes.

Behind the Credits


What’s the charm about Vogue? Is it the insane amount of products that come free or as a sample to the editors? Is it the fashionable pieces walking down the aisles of the real offices? Or is it the perfect silhouettes that cover the glossy pages of the beautiful magazine? I think all of these reasons count, as part of the charm isn’t it? But, honestly after three months as an official insider, for me is not the products, or the heels walking downs the aisles. It’s the people who build the beacon of hope for the fashion and contemporary art lover (let’s not forget for the one who can afford a $4.99 monthly luxury).

This group of people includes designers, artistic directors, creative minds and great editors. They’re all so different that you don’t even imagine how human can they be. It is a little bit like The Devil Wears Prada, in a way that they’re unbelievable experts in what they do. But, the thing is that people who reads the magazine only knows about the ones who are in charge of the big positions. Among them, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington, Kelly Talamas, Emmanuelle Alt, and Andre Leon Talley.

Now, what about the rest? Who are the writers or the editors-at-large? Where are they, and why they’re not known because of the very own credits of the magazine? What about the assistants, the marketing directors and even the photographers who assist to every single event to document every single outfit and face that goes through it? I think the socials section is not enough, and honestly sometimes it is more charming to only know the name and the face instead of the real person who writes and designs. If you have worked inside this industry you know what I mean.

To know the person indirectly is more fun sometimes. You get to know the fun and bright side of the genius who writes that monthly essay that might give a little twist to a part of your life. Some of my favorites? Hamish Bowles from Vogue USA and John Heilpern from Vanity Fair USA (clearly my favorite magazines and newspapers are from the US). I’ve got to know them not only because of the essays they write for these amazing magazines, but because of a source that has become a little more exclusive as time has gone by. The New York Times presented them to the audience, in a real human way. Yes, they talk about their love for the publications areas, the fashion clichés and their daily routine, but what’s more interesting about these profiles is how they made their own way to the top.

There wasn’t any family name involved, or any beauty stereotypes at the time of hiring. They were hired because of their true talents, and they were promoted because of the outstanding job and constant innovations. They were able to transform an insipid subject into a really interesting and fulfilling one. If you don’t believe me, go ahead and check out the columns by these authors, a.k.a. Out to Lunch with John Heilpern in Vanity Fair or the selected story by Hamish Bowles in the monthly Vogue (one of the most interesting ones and personal favorite, was an interview and personal course with Formula 1’ driver Lewis Hamilton).

The list is really long, and let’s not forget about the people who doesn’t write, but photograph or design exclusively for these publications. Always, when reading a magazine, no matter your choice, check the credits column at the beginning. Check the collaborators columns and always look a little further for the designers’ profiles. They work their a** off everytime they’re called for a feature, and believe me, you’ll be more than surprised to know who they are and where they come from.

Check out The New York Times, that allows you to read 20 free articles per month, or The Business of Fashion, that with their new area of the BOF500, features an insane amount of stories behind the big labels. Also Vanity Fair and W Magazine allows you to access the cover story and the main ones online for free every single month. I’m not kidding. I’m not a great follower of The New Yorker, but I know they have great essays. I’ll have to get my eyes around those essays some time soon. And if you want even more details for free, go ahead and check, which gives you a really wide selection of stories about the most recognized Vogue personalities ever.

Read the books that the magazines recommend. You might find a lot of interesting personalities that might inspire you to a better life. I know they don’t always read the books, the ones who recommend them, but as far as I’ve read them, they’re all have been really good and insanely interesting. You’ll get to know authors from all around the world, and actually support a literary project.

If I keep writing this post, I might exceed the boring line, so I’ll leave you with this information for now. It’s all useful and again, incredibly interesting. Because of reading these magazines and newspapers, you might get a chance to get the dream job that you always wanted. You’ll never know. Never underestimate the unexpected results. They happen to everyone, the thing is that we don’t always get to know.

Revenge wears Prada baby. It sure does.

Oh the sweet irony! I’m the current intern at Vogue México and as soon as I heard that the sequel to the The Devil Wears Prada” was out, I contacted a friend from the US telling her that I needed the book ASAP. It turned out that the book was in my hands in less than two weeks from the moment I asked for it.

I started reading it, and it caught my eye instantly. I couldn’t stop reading it, not because of the fashion features, but because the whole story gives a 360 degree turn. It is about the new personal life of Andrea Sachs, and all the new and formal characters (Alex a.k.a. Nate, Emily, Max…). Miranda Priestly is NOT the main character, and yes, the critique to her lifestyle again is a little bit harsh, but that’s her life not mine. I respect Lauren Weisberger‘s opinion, but I don’t share it. I’ve had the chance to be an insider to that world, and it is NOT like they picture it. What makes it interesting is the drama ingredient that the author adds to it.

The narrative is incredibly entertaining, and the excitement is alive until the very last page. If you liked the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by E.L. James, or you liked the previous movie, “The Devil Wears Prada”, or “The September Issue” documentary, or “Grace: Memoirs” by Grace Coddington, you’ll definitely enjoy and will be familiar with this new book. Read it! I know you’ll love it.

revenge-wears-prada-by-lauren-weisberger-autora de el diablo viste de prada

Vogue’s Amazing Grace


With the latest technology, we’re now able to read books on different formats and devices including iPads, nooks (they’re out of circulation), kindles, and everywhere else as long as they’re on a pdf or digital format. But, there’s something about the hardcover and paperback books’ charm of collecting them and many other things that eventually end up creating an infinite list of why to buy a book.

That charm is so unique, that at least, I see myself lately buying more books and magazines than clothes and jewelry. I never thought that was going to happen, but I guess working at one of the biggest publishers and editorials around the world, definitely changes your mind.

This new change, makes you want to buy books not only on a daily basis, but every time a book review comes out you’re already ‘googling’ when, where and how you can get it. The last book I bought, is about the memoirs of a person who I truly admire, Grace Coddington.

Grace: A Memoir, written by Grace Coddington, makes you open your eyes to a new perspective of how she’s practically the engine of Vogue USA’s heart. Miss Coddington is still working at the age of 72, and after you read this wonderful biography, you’ll see that the life she has lived, is absolutely unreal and full of exciting, hard and wonderful moments. It is like sitting down with all of the Vogue USA and UK‘s socialité. You get to meet a lot of amazing characters, and know the charm of working in such a prestigious place.

The book has the charm that the old ones had. Hardcover, and the pages are just beautiful. It is not only a book to read, but a photographic book, documenting Miss Coddington‘s life and her memories in charming little sketches.

As always, I took notes throughout the whole entire book, and I’ll list them here for making this post a little bit more fun. Here they go. Enjoy!

1. Grace Coddington was born on April 20th of 1941 under the name of Pamela Rosaling Grace Coddington.

2. Her first official job was waitressing at the Stockpot of Basil St at Knightsbridge, London. This is where the photographer Norman Parkinson discovered and encouraged her to become a fashion model.

3. Soon after, Miss Coddington signed up as a model at the Cherry Marshall‘s model agency, which later took her to meet, personally, Miss Eileen Ford, founder of Ford Models.

4. There was a time where Miss Coddington had kind of two jobs at the same time. One as a fashion model, and the other as the junior editor at Vogue UK. Miss Coddington worked at the british magazine for 19 years before she moved to Vogue USA.

5. Because of her amazing and professional work at the fashion industry, she has been awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002, and the British Fashion Award in 2009.