India is my next stop


Right now I’m doing the internship that might turn into a sentence you’ve heard as: ‘a million girls would kill for that job’. Yes. It’s true. It’s at one of the Vogue centrals, but this has been on for 15 weeks now and I’ve never learned so much in my entire life. The lessons are countless and I’ve probably met some of the best mentors in the entire world.

The team that took me in has allowed me to write, to research, and to give my opinion every once in a while. They’ve been insanely patient, and they’ve taught me how to use cultural references in future occasions. One of my favorites? I love reading. I read fast and enjoy it so much. I’ve read about a lot of different countries, languages, histories and cultures around the world. One of them that caught my special interest and attention were the words around India.

I started with Pasión India by Javier Moro, and some time after I finished it, I started with El Sari Rojo, written by the same Spanish author. He gets you into such a magical world, only by telling you the real stories about the many cinderellas that have been married into the Indian royal families. Moro writes about architectural and historic references that make you wonder what’s beneath everything else. It makes you even want to go right now to see the colorful markets and even the Taj Majal, to feel that energy and vibe involving those stories.

If you haven’t read these books you simply have to. I know about people who don’t read much, and they started these stories and couldn’t get off until the very last page. The narrative is impeccable and the details are so unique that they make you fall in love with a place that you don’t even know. It’s pure magic. And even so, that it might make you believe in love again, in history and in unexpected situations that might turn into amazing experiences.

I want to go, and leave everything. I’m somehow starving to see the world. I haven’t started because I’m waiting for me to earn enough money for me to pay for those trips that I know will change my life completely. My life has turned upside down with this fashion experience. But just as a thought, I’d like to run away from it someday and go and visit the world. To see what’s waiting for me, and when the time comes I’d definitely let you know.



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