David Downton and the Fashion Silhouette


The good thing about blogging is that you can talk about almost anything that crosses your mind. You can complain, inform, or just post an image that you love. The goal for some bloggers is to get discovered and become an online sensation. For me? It’s just about informing the latest stuff around the fashion world, and the news that I truly admire and want to consult on a later future. (And talk about my current life and achievements in its own way).

Keeping it real, clear, and straight, I love Vogue Magazine. I really do, but I love other magazines as well. (Those have amazing work and really need to be shown to the entire world). There’s one thing that has been going on around the journalism world and specially around the Condé Nast International family, and it is the fact that fashion magazines, do not talk about fashion on every page of the issue anymore. They’re adding politics, news, economy, and basically stuff that move people and motivate you to start a better tomorrow.

One of the magazines that do this constantly and that is NOT focused on fashion and style is Vanity Fair. They have amazing essays, and the information is really accurate. Because of them, I’ve known so many new characters among the news and journalism world. One of them, who does a simple job and was introduced on a previous issue, is David Downton. You’ll know who he is in just a few seconds. Keep reading.

He is an artist that sketches celebrities and publishes his work on famous magazines and websites. He has portrayed people like Cate Blanchett, Michelle Dockery and Karlie Kloss. He uses watercolors and does it in a range of time that he pictures them in the best moments or at least in a time that they look stunning. He does the work before presentations, shows, or just before a photoshoot that soon will be published in a famous magazine.

Downton applies simple and minimalistic silhouettes and what’s the best of it? His work is memorable. He takes the beauty and transforms it through an artistic perspective of reality. He emphasizes not only the form of the body, but the piece that they’re wearing, either if it is jewelry or a collection dress. I’ve seen from Oscar de la Renta dresses to Jason Wu authentic pieces. Check his work out. His work is for the drawing, fashion, and art lovers.



13dita_von_teese2008 serlin_24459





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