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Café Society de CHANEL


Es la era de la “Belle Epoque” y los grandes del mundo artístico y literario se reúnen en ocasiones diferentes, en varios lugares de la capital parisina, para compartir diferentes conversaciones y amistades, que hoy se recuerdan como los grandes momentos que marcaron el comienzo de la historia del siglo XX.

Entre los usuales que se dedicaban a disfrutar de esas veladas memorables, se encontraban Salvador Dalí, Stravinsky, Picasso, Jean Cocteau y el ícono de la moda y el estilo auténtico, Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.

El ambiente de cada noche era transformado en un escenario sofisticado pero a la vez clásico, donde las luces de París inspiraban más que un poema y más que una creación original. Los adornos al estilo urbano y las piezas arquitectónicas que daban la bienvenida a estos personajes, han inspirado infinitas colecciones y obras artísticas. Y para éste nuevo siglo, es la nueva línea de Alta Joyería presentada por la maison Chanel.

Entre la nueva colección titulada “Café Society”, se encuentran diferentes líneas, cada una con un nombre propio, rindiendo homenaje a esos fragmentos de tiempo que marcaron la visión de la fundadora oficial y diseñadora original, Coco Chanel.

Charleston, Symphony, Broadway, Morning in Vendôme, Tuxedo, Midnight, Bubbles, Jazz, Sunset, Cruise, Muse, Sunrise, Café Society y Smoking, son las nuevas líneas dentro de la colección, cada una con un estilo y diseño original. Los cortes son clásicos, las piedras son preciosas y semi-preciosas y la gama de colores revive la historia que se encuentra detrás de cada pieza.

Realizada con la más alta calidad y minucioso detallismo, la nueva colección refleja la audacia y elegancia absoluta que Coco Chanel lucía en cada conjunto y en cada accesorio seleccionado para vivir una experiencia de moda y gran originalidad.


8 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Pierre Balmain


Good fashion is evolution, not revolution

Today, (May 18th), we remember the official birthday of a legendary and iconic designer who left its legacy inspiring new and formal talents around the world. Because we love listing the most interesting facts about the greatest leaders inside and out the fashion and artistic industry, here’s the list for Pierre Balmain.

Source: Voguepedia

1. The designer’s full name was Pierre Alexandre Claudius Balmain , and was born in St-Jean-de-Maurienne, in the Savoy region of France.

2. As always, the designers bring unique background. After living for a little while in St-Jean-de-Maurienne, Balmain moves to Paris where he studies architecture.

3. Then, Balmain goes and serves in the French air force, based in Paris.

4. You’ll never know who you’ll run into… This is when Balmain had worked for the designers Edward Molyneux and Lucien Lelong, alongside Christian Dior .

5. (Have you seen Midnight In Paris by Woody Allen ? If not, go now so you can understand an accurate reference about this.)  Gertrude Stein, a family friend, wrote a celebratory piece on Balmain for the local magazine, and then, the Duchess of Windsor placed an immediate order.

6. Balmain was forever associated with the style called “Jolie Madame.” It meant: “Magnificently made, rather fitted elegant and luxurious fashions”

7. Design goes through every field around the world. Balmain’s frequent-flier status was put to good practical use when he designed stewardess uniforms for Singapore Airlines.

8. If you want to know a little bit more about Balmain and his unique life, the designer published his memoirs, My Years and Seasons.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Christian Lacroix


In honor of the international fashion designer and amazing artist’s birthday (May 16th), we’re listing the fun facts about Christian Lacroix. Here we go:

1. His full name is Christian Marie Marc Lacroix.

2. Lacroix is an Art History major.

3. After graduation Lacroix thought he was going to pursue a career in museums and curators.

4. He’s married to Françoise Rosenthiel since 1974.

5. Lacroix opened his first couture house in 1987, adding a ready-to-wear line, all over Europe.

6. At first, critics didn’t believe in his vision, because of his broad cultural inspiration.

7. He was Emilio Pucci‘s creative director from 2002 until 2005.

8. Lacroix’s last Haute Couture collection was presented in 2009, after financial trouble.

9. Since 2011, Lacroix has been collaborating in the European fashion brand Desigual.

10. Applying his ultimate love for art history and costume design, Lacroix has been involved in several interior design projects, such as hotel decorations and others. Among them, the Hotel Le Petit Moulin and the Hotel Bellechasse in Paris.


Blooming – Tales

Spring season is over, but not to far from coming back to the 2014 collections. This doesn’t mean we don’t get to see the blooming flowers around the fashion world right?

Imagine you go to Paris, to Milan, to London or to New York City, with the purpose of attending a Valentino, Dior, Lanvin or Saint Laurent runway show. When you’re almost there you feel this scent or perfume so exquisite, so natural that this smell makes you wonder what’s inside the show. Then, you go inside, ready with your Instagram, so you won’t miss a moment, and you run into this gorgeous and tall wall made out of flowers. You see roses, orchids, daisies, and they’re all real. They are all fresh and full of color. How crazy is that?

But, then you wonder… Who did that? Who was the one in charge of creating such a magnificent piece? Well, this is what this post is about. I’m going to introduce you to the four main artists (and geniuses if I may say) behind the flower art in the runway shows.

The first one is Marc Colle. He was discovered by Dior’s creative director Raf Simmons, after the designer noticed the wonderful plexiglass-encased bouquets pieces presented on the Jil Sander’s fall-winter’ runway show in 2012. After this show, Mr. Colle was requested to create the iconic and legendary flower arch wall at the Dior Haute Couture fall-winter 2012 show. Since that moment, Colle has worked with Dries van Noten, Ann Demeulemeester and Hermes.




The second is Rambert Rigaud. First hired as a flower artist by the Valentino’s creative directors, Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli, the former atelier director, and owner of Rambert Rigaud Fleuriste, was the artist in charge of decorating the label’s party at the Hotel Solomon de Rothschild in Paris for the fall-winter 2013′ inauguration event. Mr. Rigaud created white and blue flower arrangements, placed in Delft vases, channeling the 17th century Dutch painting style vision that the designers had in mind.


The third is Raquel Corvino. While Miss Corvino was still in college, the artist was assigned to create the flower arrangements at the Mercer Hotel in Soho. Coincidentally, short after this assignment was completed, the Rem Koolhaas-designed Prada store opened in front of the hotel making itself aware of the flower pieces. Soon, Miss Corvino was hired to create the flower art for a private dinner that Miuccia Prada hosted at the same hotel. Since then, Miss Corvino has been working with different labels including The Row, Chloé, Helmut Lang, Louis Vuitton and Theory.



And last, but not least, Thierry Boutemy. Mr. Boutemy was the artist in charge of the flower art in the acclaimed film, “Marie-Antoinette” by the director Sofia Coppola. After his amazing work, Mr. Boutemy was called to work with well-recognized photographers and magazines such as Mario Testino and Vogue USA.


I hope you enjoyed the post. All the information was taken from the article, “In Bloom: 4 Florists Behind Some of Fashion’s Most Dramatic Sets” by Suleman Anaya of the Business of Fashion.

Going On and Backstage


My fourth week at Vogue… Oh my… Times passes by insanely fast. Throughout these past couple of weeks, I’ve learned like never before and I’ve made so many mistakes that it’s turning out almost ridiculous. One after the other. But, that’s what experience is all about… isn’t it? Well… Until now, during my breaks I’ve had the chance to read and research a lot, and it turned out that, if you haven’t seen on the previous posts, the official website and fashion blog, The Business of Fashion, is one of my favorites. What’s best about it is that the articles are always updated and the suscription is for free (click here for registering). You just have to submit your e-mail or a social media account. No cost, convenient, and perfect for the daily routine at the office.

Last friday, the 12th of July, BoF published an article that caught my eye. It was about Alexandre de Betak. (click here for full article) Who? The magician behind the best fashion shows around the world! What? Yes! He’s the mastermind behind logistics, and other technicalities. And if I may say, the pioneer on webcasting fashion shows. Which webcasted fashion show? The Victoria’s Secret fashion show in the year 2000. It was such a success that it crashed the company’s website by the moment it was live.

About Betak… He grew up in Paris, and the first fashion show he produced, was for the designer Sybilla Sorondo, when he was only nineteen. After that, Betak created his agency, Bureau Betak, and then moved to NYC in 1993. Since then, his career has been a non-stopping success.

Betak has been working around the fashion business for 25 years now, and has been the creative mind behind more than 600 runway shows including Rodarte, Jason Wu, Viktor & Rolf, Berluti and H&M. A little something to remember about Betak? He can be working simultaneously on more than 20 different fashion shows around the world. How crazy is that?

Inside the Birkin Bag


My first week at Vogue Mexico… WOW. What a week!

From what I can say… My main task until now is to research, write and read during most part of the day. Because you’re constantly updating yourself with the latest news, during lunch breaks and spare time, you better be reading as well.. But this time, is you very own choice, and hopefully you’ll choose something related to the fashion industry.

My choice for this week was “Bringing Home the Birkin” by Michael Tonello. During the four years that I spent in college, most of my fashion teachers recommended the book. I was so stubborn most of the times, and by the time they told us this, I didn’t want to listen or keep in mind what I was missing. What a fool. Turns out, I loved the book so much that I read it in less than a week.

Basically, the book is about how Michael Tonello, the author, made himself a millionaire by reselling Hermès‘ luxury goods through eBay. It sounds so simple and even boring when you put that way, but when you start reading all the stories behind each and everyone of the goods that Tonello sold, and how many amazing and recognized people he got in contact with, it is simply fascinating.

The book is easy to read and completely enjoyable, and as usual, I wrote down a few quotes from the book that I thought might be interesting or useful at some point. And, as usual, I’ll list them as ten things you probably didn’t know about Hermès and a Birkin Bag.


1. Hermès, the French manufacturer was established in 1837, at Paris, France.

2. What is a Birkin bag? The Birkin bag is a leather handbag. It was named for the actress Jane Birkin, and designed by Jean-Louis Dumas Hermès in 1984.

3. A Birkin bag, range in price from about $7,000 on up to about $100,000.

4. If you don’t know a good formula for buying a Birkin bag, you might get into a two-year or even three-year waiting list to get one. Even if you have all the money in the world or you are a celebrity of high recognition you won’t get one as easy as you think.

5. Hermès has created other famous bags such as the Kelly bag in 1935, named after the formal famous actress and princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.

6. A Kelly bag, range in price from $10,000 to $30,000

7. During Hermès‘ design history, there’s one name that stood out from the crowd, and it was the name of Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier was Hermès‘ creative director from 2003 to 2010.

8. There are people around the world obsessed with the Hermès luxury goods, and this is why there is something called the “Artcurial” event, which is a 2-day Hermès vintage auction hosted every year in Paris.

9. If you ever get to buy one of these bags or any luxury good from Hermès you’ll see that the tissue paper is nothing you’ve ever seen before. Why? Hermès has its own tissue custom-made paper, to make sure it is acid free and make sure as well that it won’t affect any of the luxury goods you buy.

10. Aside from the famous bags, Hermès has other famous and high-demand luxury goods such as the square-form scarves, the Chaîne d’ancre bracelet, and the Ulysse notebook.

Hermes Birkin_main1378p

Kelly32cm-hermes-bag-175226_Lgrace kelly 1

Louis Vuitton goes Jurassic

Who knew that dinosaurs and fashion could go together so well? Louis Vuitton, the well-known and recognized French fashion house, on its latest window display located at one of the most famous avenues in the world, the 5th avenue in New York City, is now showing this fantastic combination between Jurassic pieces and the latest fall/winter 2013-14 pieces.

When watching at the images online, I thought… Why choose dinosaurs from all the extinct and living species until today? According to different online sources, the display wants to make a tribute and a historical reference to one of their native cities’ museums, the Natural History Museum in Paris, Les Jardins des Plantes. We can find gilded in gold skeletons’ references such as tyrannosaurus rex, stegosaurus, velociraptor, triceratops, spinosaurus and dimetrodon. With this type of visual merchandising displays, we can clearly see how art and fashion can be achieved successfully with almost any altered and available media.