Guess the character!


Ok…. This is about guessing the character although you already saw the picture. If you don’t know the name, don’t read until the very last line. If you do know the name, well, wait and read this post because it is way different than the other ones you’ve ever read before. I promise.

Now, let’s start. He’s the silver fox of fashion royalty and the lord of the americana style. He’s married and he has a daughter, that if you live in the US, or in NYC specifically you’ll go shopping in her store for more than just clothes. You’ll go shopping for a little treat on Dylan’s Candy Bar. Sounds familiar? Keep reading!

He was the first male designer to choose a black high fashion model for his events, and every store and boutique he owns, carries that home and cozy energy that makes you feel inside your very own dreamed house. There’s more hold on!

His birthday was this week (and the reason why this post was made today), and his brand has more than ten different lines, including jewelry, accessories and housewear. He owns an amazing collection of luxury cars, and his hair is white platinum representing the big titans of fashion building the commerce era during the 20th century.

One more, one more! His biggest competition has and always will be Tommy Hilfiger. Do you know yet? Wait for it… wait for it…

It’s Ralph Lauren!



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