Say Hello to ‘The Edit’!

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Call it a change, call it a shift, and call it a twist… I firmly believe in the fact that summer brings the biggest changes no matter what. From big to small, from notable to subtle, from personal to professional, those changes always happen. If you think you haven’t had any changes until now, look back and you’ll see that there has been at least a twist in your life since summer started.

About the latest summer news around the fashion world, there’s a new character or magazine, that caught my eye recently and it was the latest magazine released by the online luxury fashion retailer, Net-a-Porter. The magazine is called The Edit (click here to view the latest issue), and it is an online project divided into eight different sections including the editor’s letter.

The Edit, managed by the editor-in-chief, Lucy Yeomans, publishes every two weeks. The content divided into eight sections includes: a feature on the latest seasonal trendy merchandise at The List section, a kind-of personal interview to the selected celebrity at the Cover Story , the trend lovers stuff at Style ReThink section, an one-on-one interview with a new artistic character at the Interview section, the color and technique lovers stuff at the Make-up Masterclass section, and my favorite, the latest top destinations around the world at the Travel section.

The Edit has a beautiful and clean format, and it is totally worth reading. It is easy and light to read, and what a shame that they don’t have the printed version available (if I’m wrong please correct me). Take a look and let’s give it a warm welcome to one of the most competitive industries around the world! Enjoy!

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