Going On and Backstage


My fourth week at Vogue… Oh my… Times passes by insanely fast. Throughout these past couple of weeks, I’ve learned like never before and I’ve made so many mistakes that it’s turning out almost ridiculous. One after the other. But, that’s what experience is all about… isn’t it? Well… Until now, during my breaks I’ve had the chance to read and research a lot, and it turned out that, if you haven’t seen on the previous posts, the official website and fashion blog, The Business of Fashion, is one of my favorites. What’s best about it is that the articles are always updated and the suscription is for free (click here for registering). You just have to submit your e-mail or a social media account. No cost, convenient, and perfect for the daily routine at the office.

Last friday, the 12th of July, BoF published an article that caught my eye. It was about Alexandre de Betak. (click here for full article) Who? The magician behind the best fashion shows around the world! What? Yes! He’s the mastermind behind logistics, and other technicalities. And if I may say, the pioneer on webcasting fashion shows. Which webcasted fashion show? The Victoria’s Secret fashion show in the year 2000. It was such a success that it crashed the company’s website by the moment it was live.

About Betak… He grew up in Paris, and the first fashion show he produced, was for the designer Sybilla Sorondo, when he was only nineteen. After that, Betak created his agency, Bureau Betak, and then moved to NYC in 1993. Since then, his career has been a non-stopping success.

Betak has been working around the fashion business for 25 years now, and has been the creative mind behind more than 600 runway shows including Rodarte, Jason Wu, Viktor & Rolf, Berluti and H&M. A little something to remember about Betak? He can be working simultaneously on more than 20 different fashion shows around the world. How crazy is that?



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