Inside the Birkin Bag


My first week at Vogue Mexico… WOW. What a week!

From what I can say… My main task until now is to research, write and read during most part of the day. Because you’re constantly updating yourself with the latest news, during lunch breaks and spare time, you better be reading as well.. But this time, is you very own choice, and hopefully you’ll choose something related to the fashion industry.

My choice for this week was “Bringing Home the Birkin” by Michael Tonello. During the four years that I spent in college, most of my fashion teachers recommended the book. I was so stubborn most of the times, and by the time they told us this, I didn’t want to listen or keep in mind what I was missing. What a fool. Turns out, I loved the book so much that I read it in less than a week.

Basically, the book is about how Michael Tonello, the author, made himself a millionaire by reselling Hermès‘ luxury goods through eBay. It sounds so simple and even boring when you put that way, but when you start reading all the stories behind each and everyone of the goods that Tonello sold, and how many amazing and recognized people he got in contact with, it is simply fascinating.

The book is easy to read and completely enjoyable, and as usual, I wrote down a few quotes from the book that I thought might be interesting or useful at some point. And, as usual, I’ll list them as ten things you probably didn’t know about Hermès and a Birkin Bag.


1. Hermès, the French manufacturer was established in 1837, at Paris, France.

2. What is a Birkin bag? The Birkin bag is a leather handbag. It was named for the actress Jane Birkin, and designed by Jean-Louis Dumas Hermès in 1984.

3. A Birkin bag, range in price from about $7,000 on up to about $100,000.

4. If you don’t know a good formula for buying a Birkin bag, you might get into a two-year or even three-year waiting list to get one. Even if you have all the money in the world or you are a celebrity of high recognition you won’t get one as easy as you think.

5. Hermès has created other famous bags such as the Kelly bag in 1935, named after the formal famous actress and princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly.

6. A Kelly bag, range in price from $10,000 to $30,000

7. During Hermès‘ design history, there’s one name that stood out from the crowd, and it was the name of Jean Paul Gaultier. Gaultier was Hermès‘ creative director from 2003 to 2010.

8. There are people around the world obsessed with the Hermès luxury goods, and this is why there is something called the “Artcurial” event, which is a 2-day Hermès vintage auction hosted every year in Paris.

9. If you ever get to buy one of these bags or any luxury good from Hermès you’ll see that the tissue paper is nothing you’ve ever seen before. Why? Hermès has its own tissue custom-made paper, to make sure it is acid free and make sure as well that it won’t affect any of the luxury goods you buy.

10. Aside from the famous bags, Hermès has other famous and high-demand luxury goods such as the square-form scarves, the Chaîne d’ancre bracelet, and the Ulysse notebook.

Hermes Birkin_main1378p

Kelly32cm-hermes-bag-175226_Lgrace kelly 1


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