Calvin Klein & Francisco Costa


From the many names and brands today building the daily fashion industry, some of them are more recognized than others, sometimes because of their iconic pieces, their sponsored events, the designers and even the lifestyle around the designer. This time, in 2013, the legendary fashion brand, Calvin Klein, has gained a major recognition because of its more recent main designer, Francisco Costa.

As a designer, the job is not only to be the brain around the wonderful designs, but also to promote the brand and the name all the way. By promoting the brand professionally, traveling is a must on the to-do-list and in this month, May 2013, Francisco Costa paid an amazing visit to Savannah, GA, to the Savannah College of Art and Design.

By coming to the city of Savannah, he not only had several visits around the historic district, but had one-to-one talk sessions at the SCAD Museum of Art, attended the SCAD Annual Fashion Show, and before leaving, Costa authorized a temporary and exclusive exhibition at the André Leon Talley Gallery, displaying some of the most beautiful dresses used by celebrities at the Academy Awards 2013 event, and some of the pieces of his most recent collection S/S 2013-2014. Lucky for me, I was able to go and visit the exhibition, which I though was completely breathtaking. I simply loved it.

My favorites until today are the silver-bead pencil-like dress, originally worn by Jennifer Lawrence and the black and white dress originally worn by Rooney Mara for the February 2013’s issue in Vogue Magazine (USA).

05232013265 VANITY-FAIR-OSCAR-PARTY-ARRIVALS-2-24-2013-HQ-jennifer-lawrence-33732337-2125-3000

05232013262 Rooney Mara by David Sims for Vogue US February 2013-003



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