Gold Bottled Hair

The biggest advantage of design is that creativity can be manifested through any type of media or basically any type of object that can be transformed or used into something different. Also, the field of design is so broad that no matter the place or the location, if it’s done in the right way and the originality leads all the way, the final product will be, hopefully, a total success. Now, if we think about the leading cities that are hosting the greatest artists and best art pieces today, the number one place jumps between New York City, London, Milan or L.A.

As I mentioned before, design, when done successfully, the place or location is one of the many factors that matters for a good inspiration reflection. This time, in New York City, the place where many artists live and where art is appreciated more than we can imagine, art can be found anywhere, even on a drugstore window display. This past week, Simon Doonan, one of the best visual merchandisers in New York City at the moment, created a really original window display and design for one of Duane Reade pharmacy’s stores, using gold bottled packaging products from the hair-care brand, Nexxus.

The final product is an amazing centerpiece where Joanna Stubbs enlarged image is displayed by surrounding it with the gold bottles creating a hair-like sculpture. The display represents a wave of cascading curls. If you live in New York City, the window display is located at 51 west 51st street, close to Radio City Music Hall.


Simon Doonan And NEXXUS Create First-Ever Premium Window Dressing at New York City's Largest Drugstore Chain with Duane Reade Installation

Source: The New York Times



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