MET Gala 2013 – NYC, NY, USA


Imagine being invited to one of the biggest annual events in New York City, sponsored by the Metropolitan Museum of Art inspired on a special theme. What would you wear? What accessories would you use and how would you style your whole outfit? Would you go for something edgy if the theme was Punk? Well, this year for the spring season 2013, the MET Gala at New York City was hosted on May 6th, and the special guests included recognized Hollywood stars, fashion designers, special celebrities, and recognized super models.

Because of the important matter of the event, dressing up is a requirement, but the originality of the outfit is what will have the entire social media portals upon the person who is wearing it and how it is wearing it. As always the big fashion crimes happened but thankfully, to balance the event, fabulous and elegant choices were made. Giselle Bundchen made a fantastic appearance wearing the color that never goes out of fashion, black, including the accessories on the same dress designed by Anthony Vaccarello. Kim Kardashian made the big ups with an overdone flower print, and Madonna is always an icon but sometimes the outfit might be overdone.

Because the MET Gala is about the involvement of art and originality, the outfit is not only completed by the accessories, but also by the entire make up and hairs do. Many mohawks were seen, special hair combs, and original make up finishes creating a look of a mix between high fashion and punk were beautifully used by Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie and Lily Collins.

I bet the night was an impossible night to forget. A mix of high society, Hollywood stars, and fashion designers is an event that I wish someday I’d be able to attend.





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