Inside Jay & Daisy’s World

What is it about the 1920’s that keep us so interested in reviving and recycling the fashion pieces, accessories and formal scenarios? Is it the wonderful idea of accessorizing every inch of the outfit? Is it the impeccable wardrobes that the middle-high class people had? Or is it the uncomplicated love and society stories that the film industry has portrayed during the last couple of years? We’ve seen pieces from Woody Allen such as “Midnight in Paris”, Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor, and television series such as PBS’s Downton Abbey. Today, in 2013, the responsible for showing the magic and beauty of this decade through the world of film, is Baz Luhrmann. Luhrmann is recreating the once-again production, recognized and outstanding literary work, The Great Gatsby.

For creating a masterpiece, you need a team that achieves successfully everything from production design, film production, edition, to photography direction or costume design. One of the team players this year for the exclusive film production was Tiffany’s & Co., who was the brand responsible for accessorizing all the costumes selected. From head accessories to beautiful crystal bracelets worn by the stylish female characters, the replicas are already for sale on the Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship. For special promotion and advertising, Tiffany’s has always made itself aware of its existence for the daily customer, and this time Richard Moore, Tiffany’s VP of Visual Creative Merchandising, was the official designer of the flagship store’s windows. From the literary piece, to the sketch to the actual window, the process is now available for the curious customer and audience.

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